Customer Satisfaction

 Professionel Packing Design — Blending — Production after client's confirmation—Inspection in production — Packaging and labeling — Freight Service —Inspection before loading — Inspection of loading — Cargo Tracking

Warranty and Guarantee                                           

 —Items will be 100% checked by our professional inspectors before shipping.                                                                                      

—If this is defective upon receipt, please contact us in 7days before shipping.

We Promise                                                                                                                       BULK WILL BE TOTALLY SAME AS SAMPLES CONFIRMED BY YOU!! Because we are looking for long-term customer,not only 1 ORDER!!

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Direct: +575 89286767

M.T: +86 13567541138

Fax:  +575 82152298

Trade Manager ID: cnsydhcy



Direct:  +575 89286286

M.T.: +86 18605752150

Trade Manager ID: cn1511024208

Whatapp:  0086 18605752150


Emma Chen(Sales):

Direct: +575 89286285

M.T.: +86 18605752150

Trade Manager ID: cn1511023966


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Cao E Street Shangyu, Zhejiang Province, a village of Artemisia

Post Code:  312374


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8F Runtu Building,Shimin Road 1009,Shangyu,Shaoxing city,Zhejiang  Province,China

Post Code:  312300